Because we flip a lot of properties, we know some of the best tradesmen in the county! Below is our list of our most trusted and best priced electricians, roofers, handyman, plumber, etc. If you hire them, make sure you drop our name and they’ll take extra good care of you and your project.

Rancho Coastal Properties Vendor List

Plans/Permits/Architect/Engineering-Nenad Gligoric-760-917-0813

Construction/Handyman -Dragan Jelic- 760-216-9169

Electrician-JT Electric (James)-760-500-9050

Plumber- Blue Sky (Lazslo)-760-717-0582

ASAP “Boston Dave” for sewer/main drain scope-760-826-9953

Painter Alex Morales-760-658-2514 (Also drywall and stucco repair)

Precision Garage Doors (Mark Davidson)-951-970-9559

Windows-KO Enterprises- Ken Oliver760-845-5370

Counter tops- Eurostyle-Jerzy Grabiac-626-215-7822

West Coast Flooring- Alfonso 760-801-4960