6 Top Reasons For Professional Property Management

1. Increased Rents. The professional manager is less eager to give away rent or lower rents when the necessity to not so is not indicated by market conditions.
2. Reduced Vacancy Factor. By qualifying prospective tenants, the property manager can select tenants who will have longer tenancy periods. This can be aided by lease terms. This results in lower turnover of tenancy which equates to a lower vacancy factor and higher bottom line.
3. Reduced Tenant Damage. By Qualifying tenants and requiring reasonable property damage bonds, the probability of damage to the premises is reduced and when damage does occur, the damage bond is usually sufficient to cover the damage. The end result is a prolonged economic life.
4. Reduced Repair Costs. Good property management will include preventative maintenance programs that will reduce the likelihood of costly emergency repairs for operating systems.
5. Reduced Expenses. Because of our connections with local tradesmen, we can obtain services at significant discounts. In addition, we are far less likely to be taken advantage of by a vendor or service provider.
6. Management Planning. We will plan ahead to avoid gaps in occupancy. Using a property manager should never cost the owner, but should always be cost effective! Organization is the key.

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