My REALTOR is that good! (Grace Lynn)

 To whom it May Concern:

From the start I knew Grace would both represent and take great care of me.
“Before we look at the place I want to make sure you are not only pre qualified, but also pre approved (I may have that backwards, it was a while ago). That way you’re offer will stand out and show you value their time.” I didn’t have to do a bidding war, or anything stressful. It set the stage for a great relationship between buyer and seller.
She suggested an offer and then explained in detail why that should be the offer and what will happen once we submit that offer. I was comfortable and reassured at every step before we made a move. I understood the process and there were no surprises. When people asked where I was on the deal they were surprised at how much I knew and how I could speak in detail about where we were. “My realtor is that good” I would tell them. And she is.
Before every esign she would call and tell me what the document  was, why it was there, timing of signing, etc. If I had a question regarding the document she would have me tell her what I understood then she would provide guidance and information. Even though this isn’t my industry she never made me feel dense or out of step.
When we encountered an issue out of our control she did everything to keep me calm. She had back up  behind back plans! She had prepared for the worst all the while providing updates to keep me informed. In The end it all went according to plan and when she handed me my keys she let me walk around the place, settle and then she said welcome home. Although she never said it, I know now that it would have never happened if I had another agent who was “just an agent “.


Thank you, 

Tori N.